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Aquablu is a fast-growing start-up that is transforming global drinking habits into a plastic-free lifestyle. A new wave within the water industry, driven by smart technology and advanced engineering. 

Aquablu- explained. 

50 Years after the introduction of the plastic water bottle, we believe it is time we rethink the way we drink water. 

To change global drinking habits into a waste-less lifestyle, we have spend 4 years to develop a purifier that turns ordinary tap water, into extra-ordinary mineral water. 

With the launch of the Aquablu Refill, we are targeting offices and retail locations to move to a sustainable high tech solution that hydrates their employees and their customers. 

After our successful launch in the Netherlands, Aquablu is ready to spread it's wings. It's time we let the entire world know we exist!

What's all the fizz about?

Accelerators - Media - Awards 


Canal Water Stunt

Finalist MT/Sprout

25 under 25 most promising Entrepreneurs


Tech Accelerator 2019

The founding story. 

5 years in less than 5 minutes. 

Did you know. We actually sold canal water for €40 a bottle?

*disclaimer: all profit we got from the stunt was donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation 🐋. 

Small team, big 


Marnix Stokvis

Managing Director - Co-founder

Marc van Zuylen

Director Operations - Co-founder

Thomas Zwart

Lead Product Manager

Max Hoeboer

Lead R&D Engineer

Mees Brinkhuis

Full stack Developer

Koen Linders

Electrical Engineer

Els Beijk

Management Assistant

Koen Terra

UX /UI Designer

Koen Peelen

Software Engineer

Kamran Rahmani

Visual Artist